Block plane – building process

A block plane is a small woodworking hand plane which typically has the blade bedded at a lower angle than other planes, with the bevel up. It is designed to … Continue reading

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Hand Router Plane (Video)

Basically, I entered woodworking with just one jack plane, old chisel, mallet and two clamps so I had to build some tools to get to the stage where I’ll be able … Continue reading

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Restoring Jointer Plane

As you have already seen in one of my tweets, I started to restore my great grandfathers’ jointer plane but its handle was rotten so I decided to make a … Continue reading

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My new-old tools

As promised, today I visited my great grandfathers old house and found a lot of different tools at the attic which I took to restore and use later on in … Continue reading

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Tool Cabinet

With a greater tool collection it came to my mind that a storage would be useful. There are many reasons why my canvas bag is not the best solution, but … Continue reading

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Fake Fireplace

Christmas atmosphere in our home with a few pictures of building phase of our fake fireplace. I’ve built it from construction grade lumber and some 4 mm MDF. Molding was made … Continue reading

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Making A Chair – Time Lapse – Part 1 (video)

This is a first part of my DIY project of making a comfortable chair for my living room. I combined a few chair styles and still making some design decisions along … Continue reading

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“T.E. Jib” for T.E. Workshop – Prototype #1

As I’m planning to feed you with many photos, time lapses and videos from my shop I have to find a way to hold my camera. Small shop has many … Continue reading

March 7, 2016 · 2 Comments

History of my ancestors’ craftsmanship

Maybe this blog is the only place where I can honor my ancestors and save them from being forgotten so this post will be dedicated to them, men that are no … Continue reading

March 6, 2016 · 3 Comments

T.E. Workshop Virtual Tour

T.E. Workshop is located in the small firewood storage in basement of the apartment building that I live in. Dimensions of my workshop are 1,30 x 1,56 x 2,32 m. … Continue reading

March 5, 2016 · 3 Comments

My Mobile Workbench

As I tried to build something, soon I noticed that it won’t be possible to do anything without some kind of a workbench so I did some research. Since I … Continue reading

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